Linking Sonos with Alexa?

  • 29 March 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi All,

I have a Sonos Connect:Amp (Gen1) and an Alexa. I can use the Sonos app to play Amazon music through the app, but I don't know how to hook the Alexa up with the Sonos so that when I give the Alexa verbal commands for it to play through the Amp.

Can anyone give me any pointers? The Amp comes up in the Alexa app, and I've authorised Sonos in the app, but still :S

1 reply

This link is for setting up the Alexa-Sonos connection, which sounds like you’ve done already.

In that link you’ll seen an additional link for what commands will work.  As well, you probably want to setup Alexa groups (link is also there in the support article).  Alexa groups make it so you don’t have to specifically state the name of the Sonos room with your voice command.