Linking Sonos Amp to Alexa

  • 18 March 2022
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So i am just setting up my Sonos App. It is connected to in the ceiling speakers. They worked when i tested them out first thing.

Now i am trying to connect to Alexa but it all is going into circles and i am losing my sanity.

It keeps asking me to register speakers and gives zero to nothing to explain what on earth they want me to do 😭😭😭

5 replies

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Follow the instructions in this article:

Hi thank you @GuitarSuperstar . I cannot get passed first step. I ask to enable skill, it asks me to log in, i do and then it asks to register speakers. 😵‍💫


Only thing i manage to get playing via amb and through speakers is 3 songs i have on the phone as linking ro my other online music acvounts it cannot add to the queu any songs i choose.

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Try unplugging the Amp from power for a couple of minutes and rebooting your router and phone. Then try the instructions in the article again.

So i am still going through same cycle.

Press add amazon alexa

Enable to use alexa skill

Next screen asks to log in

After that i get register your speaker -> go to app

Next screen tells me i need the latest Sonos app. Press option update the sonos app (its only doenlaoded fresh out of store, how can it be out of date?!)

Goes back to point 1 of add amazon alexa.



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Make sure you have the latest version of the Sonos app installed. Then go to the Settings tab in the Sonos app and go to System > System Updates > Check for Updates.