It seems it is not possible to control Family Spotify with Alexa using Sonos as the Sonos app only allows one Alexa account per system

  • 2 November 2020
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I have numerous Sonos devices and all three of my children have Sonos “Alexa Enabled” devices but it seems it is not possible for my children to independently use Alexa to control their speakers and listen to their music from their own Family Spotify account.


I, like many parents, do not want my kids to have phones in their rooms and absolutely want them to be able to ask Alexa to play their own music without the need for a mobile device.


I have set everyone in the family up with their own Alexa account and assigned them to their own Spotify account then tried to assign different Alexa accounts to each of the kids speakers but this “breaks” the Alexa integration. (I have been online with a Sonos support agent who tells me the Sonos app does not work with multiple Alexa accounts - even though it allows you to set it this way)


I have considered detaching their speakers from my Sonos system and setting each child up with their own Sonos accounts so they have their own Sonos, Spotify and Aleax account in their own eco-system with the only thing consistent being our home wifi network. The Sonos agent warned me against doing this as apparently, if there is a network problem, the speakers may drop from one Sonos account and register with another one.


The third option is to try and get Alexa to hold multiple Spotify accounts, assign every speaker to a single Alexa account then train my children to specify which Spotify stream they want to use when playing music. As far as I can see this is not possible either as I cannot find a way of adding multiple Spotify accounts to a single Alexa account. If anyone has successfully achieved this in Canada I would be very grateful if they could let me know how it is done.


The upshot is that there does not seem to be a solution to this and I believe this is something Sonos should be looking to resolve. If you could assign different Alexa accounts to each speaker or reliably have multiple Sonos accounts on the same wifi network there would be a workable solution so this problem so I believe this should be addressed by the Sonos technical team.


I would be delighted to hear if there is a solution I have missed, as I have spent many hours trying to get this working and still need to do something to move this forward.

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Hi @Mark Herd, welcome to the Sonos Community and I’d be glad to assist you. I also appreciate you reaching out here and providing all the details. About multiple Spotify accounts, you can do that and add it to Sonos and in Alexa, it’s their limitation if you can’t do it. You can try to consult them and ask if let say there’s no Sonos product involve and you want to play from different Spotify accounts in Amazon products if you can achieve it so in case we can apply it to Sonos or you would really need multiple Alexa accounts to do it. My other suggestion is you can create a separate household for your kids it’s either using a new email address for each account or just setting up a new system using the same email and that should be fine. You can set up a new system using their own email so it would be the same with their Alexa and Spotify account and won’t lead to any confusion. You can set up multiple households to one network and the only exception if you’re not in one Sonos system/household is you can’t group Sonos together and play the same music at the same time. 

Hope this helps. We and the community are always here to help.