Issues with Alexa and Flash Briefing

  • 27 December 2017
  • 34 replies

I set up two Ones in the bedroom and said "Alexa play flash briefing" and Alexa responds with "here is your flash briefing" and then nothing happens (silence). This has happened about 50% of the time. Meaning it plays sometimes. I just got these and am debating between using two play1's and an Echo Dot. I want to use whatever will have the least amount of problems. The cons of using the Dot aren't a big deal to me (flash briefing on the dot).

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34 replies

I have same issue. Can reliably get it to work every second time... ie every morning the first "whats my flash briefing" responds "here is your flash briefing" then nothing. The second query/response works. This pattern happens every morning. Any ideas on fixes. I have latest sw all around (sonos, alexa, etc) and I have no duplicate devices.

I am still having same problem. Every morning I need to repeat the 'alexa what's my flash briefing' two times. Always fails on first time (says: here is your flash briefing, then silence) but second and subsequent times always work.

Diagnosticreport 1506730380

I have multi alexa devices and multi sonos devices (playbar with sub and two play3 surround in living room + multi single sonos speakers in bedrooms and bathrooms. The master br one is a sonos one alexa enabled where I am attempting flash briefings in mornings.
Behavior has consistently changed... but still not fixed. Now first attempt at 'alexa whats my flash briefing' responds with 'here is your flash briefing' but then stops. Second attempt does the first item in the flash settings, in my case CNN news brief, then stops. Third attempt does complete briefing per settings. Same thing every morning. Diagnostics sent 511316216
Have we progressed with this issue at all? My Sonos One will not play my flash briefing, even after multiple attempts. Diagnostics confirmation no. 1752881936.

Same problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it plays only first item in the briefing. Sometimes it plays everything. 1187998311
Hello, I am having this issue. I ask for my flash briefing and Alexa says, “here is your flash briefing,” but then silence. I just recreated the problem and then submitted a diagnostic report. See number in photo attached.
I’m also having the same problem, diagnostic report 1522738999.
I can throw Spotify to Sonos but it will not play, despite saying playing X from Spotify or here is your flash briefing and the silence. Diagnostic number 1596666020
I'm also having this issue. I have two items in my Flash Briefing. The Sonos One generally plays the first item but very, very rarely plays the second item (Sky Sports news). My diagnostic report number is 1759075371.
I have the same issues, submitted a diagnostic and this is my number 175552743 - can anyone help?