Intergration Sonos Speakers to Alexa Multiroom Music.

  • 27 October 2020
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As Amazon gave out the necessary information for developers last December: How long will it take Sonos to provide their customers with the possibility to play music on Echo speakers and Sonos speakers at the same time? It doesn’t help, when I either can play music via Echo (bathroom, entrance hall & shower) or via Sonos (rest of the flat). I want to play the same music all over the flat.

It would be nice to get an update on this topic. Thinking about replacing my Sonos with Echo Studio to be able to realize this.

Sonos is always advertising the integration of Alexa and Sonos. That’s highly misleading.


2 replies

Amazon set up the protocol for individual smart speakers to be integrated into their music system.  They did not setup a way for an entire Sonos system to be integrated into Amazon’s system.  There’s a significant difference.  No doubt Sonos could implement this, but doing so would mean the Sonos speaker you add to Amazon music system wouldn’t be a part of your Sonos system anymore, and would not have all the features Sonos speakers have.  That means the ability to play more streaming services, group and ungroup at will, play TV and aux sources, Airplay, etc.

So I would not count on the two music systems integrate any time soon.  At the very least, I would expect see some sort of public agreement between the two companies about sharing technology in certain ways, that could eventually lead into the features you’re looking for.  Even then Sonos tends not to announce features like this to avoid customer disappointed when unforeseen delays beyond their control occur, which often do.

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