Integrated Sonos with Amazon alexa ecosystem *tips & trick

  • 3 April 2021
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I just found a way to integrate my Sonos beam + 2 Ikea Symphonisk speakers with all my echo devices. To do this, I need to purchase sonos connect which I got it used around $100 and compatible with sonos 2 apps. Little background about my setup. I have sonos beam + 2 surround speakers at my living room. I have echo dot v.3 devices on all other rooms. If I want to play music in every rooms through alexa command, the Livingroom will be skipped because I don't have echo device in there. To bridge between Sonos and Alexa device, I use sonos connect and echo dot that I plugged into line-in of sonos connect. Once all connected and setup, I open sonos S2 app and go to sonos connect setting and change the "autoplay" to my "Livingroom" which essentially where my sonos beam is located. Here is the detail path to change autoplay setting:

  1. Open sonos app and go to setting - system - Choose room where sonos connect is setup. In my case, I name it "media room".

  2. Go to line-in section and choose "autoplay".

  3. Under autoplay room option, choose the room where your sonos speakers are located. In my case, I choose "Livingroom". Now if I want to play music everywhere, the Livingroom is now able to play the same content as well as other echo devices.

1 reply

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