IFTTT use - always need to "trigger"?

  • 25 October 2017
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When using Alexa for opening the garage with gogogate it works only when I start with: Alexa, trigger open garage. What I need to change to just say: Alexa, open garage?

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4 replies

Yeah, I suppose as the lines blur between functionality of voice control and hardware, there is going to be some blurring between who is responsible for what. Is it the hardware, is it the voice control, is it the target of the commands, is it the skill authors? In this case, I think we can firmly say that it is either the way Alexa handles IFFT, or the company responsible for the skill using the IFTT.
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Alexa has to be able to disambiguate your command and route your request to the right service. 'Trigger' routes the action to IFTTT. By modifying the configuration of the applet in IFTTT, you may be able to shorten the command to 'Alexa trigger open', provided the applet supports it and it doesn't conflict with other things you want to 'open' via IFTTT.

There are a small number of 'first-class' skills where the disambiguation is implicit (of which Sonos is one), but this is not the case for IFTTT.
Ok, thanks for reply. At least it shows my Sonos One is working 🙂
That would be a question for Amazon, or for gogogate.