I need to change the Alexa Wake Word

  • 10 January 2022
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We are new to the “Alexa” world - except for our 24 year old daughter Alexa.  

We have multiple Sonos speakers, with our newest being the Sonos Move with Alexa enabled.  We thought that we could change the wake word for Alexa on any device.  While I love the name “Alexa”, that is our daughter’s name and we really need to change the wake word to “Echo”.  Either that or we need to change our daughter’s name :). 

Sonos, please help - enable changing the wake word on Sonos speakers.

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4 replies

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I think it will be easier to change your daughters name! :)  

Same problem in this household.  

Daughter’s name is Alyssa. Still causes the same problem. I came across a hack/workaround that makes this tolerable. Amazon doesn’t allow non-Amazon devices to change their wake word. However, you can create a group/room in the Alexa app. Then add a low cost echo dot to the same room.

There is a Connected Devices/Speaker setting in the dot where you can choose the Sonos to play back responses. Mute the mic on the Sonos speaker. Then the echo dot will listen and play back all responses and actions on the Sonos. You can change the wake word of the echo dot to any of the alt names (ours is Ziggy like in Quantum Leap).

Don’t put the dot too close to the Sonos or it won’t be as responsive when you’re blasting music or tv—this is where the Sonos microphone is far better at voice detection. Small price for the convenience, however.

@djcc1 . That is a good workaround, clearly explained and one that I have suggested myself on other threads, eg

There are in my view some advantages to this workaround. For example being able to position the Dot where it can hear you best, the volume of Alexa responses being independent.from the music play volume, and the greater functionality of Echo devices for non-music applications.