I can't get Echo dot to connect up with my sonos - can anyone help?

  • 21 October 2017
  • 12 replies

Added Sonos skill to my alexa app. Skill says it recognises my Sonos but when i ask Alexa to play something it doesn't come through Sonos. Cant figure out where I'm going wrong. Can anyone give me some advice?

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12 replies

Are you specifying a room as I have found if you don't it won't play through Sonos?
I have the same issue. I say "Alexa, Play Radio 1 in the Kitchen" and I get the response saying Radio 1 via TunIn is playing in the kitchen but no sound comes out. Pressing the Play/pause button on my Play:3 only starts the last item I streamed playing.
I'm having the same problem now. All was working perfect then I added a new second Amazon Dot this morning and now neither will control Sonos. If I ask to play "whatever" on the Sonos in kitchen Alexa replies and says now playing "whatever" on Sonos Kitchen but nothing actually happens! I've tried powering everything off and on and disabling then re enabling and even renaming the sonos devices and rediscovering them but all I get is acknowledgement from Alexa that she has done the required task but no music!

Other Alexa skills such as lighting control is still working perfectly on and on both echo dots.
Maybe this is also affecting others today so could be a fault between the Sonos and Amazon servers? A UK specific issue?
Here's the odd thing, if I music is playing on my Sonos speaker and I ask Alexa to do something the volume on the Sonos speaker is reduced until Alexa finishes! This shows the two devices are somehow linked but something is not happening in the backend servers for the functions!
Mine does the same dips the sound when you talk to Alexa but just doesn't play!
Solution was simple... Reboot the Echo Dot! Just removed the power then plugged it back in and now it all works fine.
Funnily enough did the same with mine and it's worked this time! Tried that earlier but to no avail so not sure if something else was amiss somewhere! Anyway all good and working again..... happy days!
I have the same problem: Echo dot set up to control Sonos Play 1 stereo pair. Echo seems to work fine for everything else. It even says “playing jazz in the kitchen” but no sound is played on Sonos. It reduces the volume of the Sonos music (if playing music previously) when asked a question - so I know it is talking to the Sonos system. I have no other devices named the same. I’ve tried renaming, re-discovering devices, powering down and back up, software upgrade on Sonos, deregistering and reregistering the device, and removing and reading the skill - but no luck. This has worked with my Echo for the past month, just not my new Exho Dot. Any help would be great
Mine still does the same! Although the reboot seemed to get it working once it stopped again soon after. Totally useless and seems to affect more than one person.
Same here, tried re-booting, re-installation etc but still having the same problem. If I ask Alexa to play songs by an artist the Echo plays it fine but when I say play music by artist in the kitchen it says ‘cannot find songs by that artist’ even though it has just played it and I have an active Amazon Music account! I bought my Echo over a month ago and it’s worked perfectly until now; help, it’s driving me nuts!
I’ve been liaising with Amazon regarding this and now have an explanation of sorts. I signed up to a £3.99 Amazon Unlimited Music subscription which only entitles me to use it on my existing Echo Dot and one external speaker; apparently because I play my music via the home wi-fi network to several sonos speakers this is classed as multiple usage and requires me to upgrade my subscription to the £9.99 unlimited devices option! I asked why the system has just started malfunctioning after a month of faultless performance but they couldn’t provide an answer. Obviously just a ruse to get a higher monthly subscription from us Sonos users! I haven’t yet upgraded so I can’t say whether this does resolve the issue; still considering my options!