Hey Google, Play my favorites!

  • 12 January 2018
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Looks like Yonomi can now Control Sonos via Google voice. Very limited, just as it was via Alexa, but it’s something. I haven’t tried it yet.


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5 replies

Ok, tested, works, but extremely limiting. As with Yonomi was under Alexa, you can't do anything spontaneously. Everything must be configured in advance, can't ask to play a song or album at random.

However, it can play anything Sonos can, so music from Tidal, your local LAN, etc can be played, but only from preconfigured Sonos playlists. So, very limited, unless you routinely use Sonos playlists (I rarely do).

Once a routine is set up, and you have linked Yonomi to Google, and added the Yonomi skill in Google Home, you can ask your Google device to Activate or Run your Yonomi routine. Quite tedious to set up, but it does work, for what it's worth. Add a new routine, you have to sync it with Google. Quite a pain overall, compared to the utter simplicity of Sonos' Alexa skill.
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I have tried it out fully for 2 weeks now, there are some glitches to yonomi still. Does not work well with multiple users with different phones. Seem like if one phone is the active phone, the routines for other phones no longer work. So you should keep the main routines you setup on a tab that stays home, or on a older phones that stays home. We tried it with my gf phones. Sonos and yonomi does not mute the Sonos when her phone receive a call, only on mine. So if you want the auto mute function, you can forget about the leaving the routines on a dedicated at home tab or old phone. Still have not gotten an answer form yonomi about this issue. Also if the Sonos is being control by another phone with the Sonos app, google home mini active the routine. But nothing from the routine is ran by Sonos. It still need some work.

But besides that, it is a pretty good app to have, especially since the native support is not till June. I went with their suggestion about keeping the main routine on a stay at home device. Now I can play my favorite Apple Music radio station while using google home mini. Until google assistance is added to the Sonos natively, I have created routines to raise, lower, pause, mute and unmute the Sonos with Yonomi. I created over 70 routines on the stay at home tab. Now I can increase volume level at increments of 2. So we can set volume from 2% to 60% with the google home mini. It just takes time to set everything up with Yonomi. And since I sure google assistance won't be able to work with apple music anytime soon. I can use the google home mini to access and have decent level on control over apple music.
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I managed to set this up yesterday after some plating around - my experience follows:
: was difficult to link Yonomi and Google Home/Assistant - as the "Home Control" set-up didn't appear anywhere
(TIP: in Google Assistant type - Help me with Home Control - and one of the responses is a box/button that you can select to go to the Home Control settings page).
: In the Yonomi app when setting up a routine, it would not list Playlists/Favourites when I selected a device ... it did give me a warning/error message to go to the device page and activate it. There was no activate button or anything ... after some more experimentation - I found that if you update the "Welcome message" - this then seems to have an affect, and then when selecting favourites - this will list the ones you have set up on your Sonos system.
: Very slow. When I first tried it, it was taking so long that I though that it wasn't working. Either manually selecting a routine or using voice to ask Google Assistant to run the routine took nearly a minute before sound came from the speaker ,,,,
: Now I will need to set up quite a number of routines to play favourites or playlists to specific speakers ... a bit cumbersome, and I don't think it will work with PocketCasts
: It does actually work - and is free, so why not play with it for a bit until a more robust solution comes along
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Nice report Greenl
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When you look for your Sonos Favorites and they are missing, You might need to refresh the sonos device in yonomi. down swipe once you select the sonos speaker in the yonomi app.

The app at times are slow and at time are pretty quick. What as the most annoying is, if you want the app to work well with sonos. It is recommend that you put all your yonomi routine on a stay at home device. It will activate sonos faster, when they were on my phone. It sometimes took a while for the routines to play when I return home.

But yonomi is planning a major update this month. I see what they will offer. I am waiting for google assistance to be added to sonos. So almost all the routines to control the sonos can native to google home.