Grouped Speakers and Alexa

  • 18 October 2017
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I have a grouping setup that comprises 2 play:3's, a sub and a playbar, and im trying to make it work with my echo dot. I have other rooms working fine with them (so i can issue voice commands to my echo dot and play music/radio on my bedroom play:one speakers) - but it doesnt seem to work for the living room "group". Is this supported right now or is it something thats being worked on for a future update?

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4 replies

Can you clarify what you mean by 'grouping setup'? Do you mean that the P:3s sub and playbar are bonded to form a 5.1 single zone? Or are we talking about 2 or more zones that you've grouped together in the app?

Assuming it's the first, then what commands are you giving Alexa to perform in this zone? Are they the same commands given to other zones? If you're trying to ininitate tv audio through Alexa for example, that is not an available command yet. You should be able to play Amazon/pandora/xm/etc in your living room zone though, same as your other zones.

Yes that's exactly right, apologies for being unclear. They are set up as a single zone. I am able, for example, to say 'alexa play talksport radio on spare room' and that works fine, but if I try the same for the living room zone it does not work.
Make sure there are no other smart devices named living room.
Hahah that was it...I'd named the echo dot 'living room' as well!! Doh!

Thanks guys