Getting completely frustrated Sonos One and Alexa

  • 2 October 2021
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I purchased my brother a couple of Sonos One speakers the past 2 Christmas’. He has multiple Alexa devices. I setup everything for him with the Alexa being able to control music on the Sonos speakers. He is completely ignorant to technology so I have to check the systems when I go to his house. Yesterday I went there and his Garage Sonos One speaker was showing offline in the Alexa app but yet he had no issue asking Alexa to play music on the Sonos speaker itself.

Now this is where my frustration comes in. This has happened multiple times and I have to go through either disabling the Alexa Sonos skill or removing the devices completely and doing a rediscover. It’s not that time consuming but it makes the system completely unreliable when I’m not there to fix it.  Nothing changes in his house but yet we have to go through this more than we should.

Now I’m begging the Sonos support to please not respond with a canned response that ignores everything that I just wrote or doesn’t even apply to the questions that I’ve asked.

Why does this happen????

Why do you have to disable and re-enable the Sonos skill in Alexa or completely re-add the Sonos speakers back?

Can you prevent this from happening?

I’m not asking how to fix this issue. I’m asking why does this happen and is there a way to stop this from happening so he can have a reliable system? First off teaching him how to fix the issue is not going to happen. He’s a shop guy that’s a single finger keyboard typist. You know the type. Secondly he shouldn’t have to do this. Everything is working perfectly and then for whatever reason it stops working and we have to go through the whole disable/re-enable delete/re-add rigamarole. It’s getting old and I’m frustrated with it as is he.

I guess I don’t really expect much here except the same old responses like check your wireless, restart the devices for x seconds, etc. It seems like all anyone does anymore is read from scripts and nobody actually knows how anything works anymore except for the developers and good luck getting help from them.

Signed - Completely Sick of it 


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Please look at my post here: Tips & Tricks - Resolving random issues impacting Sonos devices.. | Sonos Community

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This is a user community. Why not generate a Diagnostics report next time it happens, and ask Sonos support what shows up in the report? 

As the speaker is in a garage, it is possible that distance / walls are making the connection rather borderline.  If you want your particular situation looked at you should follow @nik9669a ‘s suggestion.