Getting Amazon FireTV (cube) sound to Sonos One. Both units are Ethernet connected to same hub

  • 27 November 2020
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I have a new Sonos One (2nd Gen) Ethernet connected and an Amazon FireTV Cube (2nd Gen) also Ethernet connected.  Both are connected to the same hub (and hence - the same router).  I can control the Sonos One from my FireTV Cube.  I also have an Ethernet connected AppleTV (3rd Gen) which can drive the Sonos Sound via Airplay 2.

What I want:  FireTV sound to be heard from the Sonos One.

I don’t know if this can be supported.  I have heard that BlueTooth is a possible mechanism, although I don’t see much talk of how to configure that on this site. 

Anyone else with this request?

1 reply

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Sonos only support Bluetooth connections to the Move, so that’s not an option for your Sonos One. Also, even if you could connect the Cube to your One, buffer would introduce severe lip sync issues.

You need either a Beam or Arc to connect to the Fire Cube.