Forget a Sonos device on the Alexa app

  • 5 October 2017
  • 6 replies

How do get the Alexa app to permanently forget a device. One echo is hardwired to the sonos connect amp but it keeps rediscovering it.

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6 replies

Hello amarchant:

I'm not sure I understand why you would want Amazon Alexa to forget the speaker it would be playing through. Mind telling me a little more about how you want this setup? Normally, you want the CONNECT:AMP to be able to be found in the Alexa app, so commands can be sent to that player.
I want to use echo dot hardwired to the Connect:amp so that everything comes through Sonos not just music. Also I only have Amazon unlimited on the echo so it will not play (wirelessly) on the sonos except if hardwired.
But Amazon Unlimited is available via voice commands on Sonos.
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If you go into alexa app, smart home, devices, you can forget a device.
I thought that this would work in your situation, because I thought it wouldn't discover things until you hit that "discover" button and re-add it. You're saying that your alexa app searches automatically?
Correct you can say forget the device and it does so - however it will automatically add it back in, so yes the alexa app searches automatically. This is a known bug/feature with the app since day 1. The way that amazon says to deal with it is to delete it in the device skill. In this case this is not possible in the skill.
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Are the names of your devices different enough?
The speech pattern is different to start audio on alexa vs. sonos. For Sonos, you have to say "start music ON ", but for your dot, you can just say "start music" and it should start on the dot. If you're used to specifying the location when trying to get your dot to play, change the sonos to a name that is different enough from the dot that alexa doesn't think you're asking it to play music on the sonos.