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  • 21 October 2017
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I understand that Alexa will play music from several music services including Amazon Music and named streaming stations but will it play all existing music from my Sonos Music Library which has not necessarily been gathered from these named services?

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4 replies

Play cannot be initiated from unsupported services, however you can initiate via the Sonos app, then pause, resume, skip, previous, control volume, and even ask what is playing via Alexa.
Many thanks for your prompt response.
To make things a little clearer I am considering purchasing an Echo Dot 2 to accompany my existing Sonos Playbar and two Play 3s in my lounge and further single Play 1s in both my kitchen and conservatory.
My Sonos Music Library is almost entirely composed of ITunes music .
From what you have already been kind enough to tell me,am I correct in understanding that I would not be able to verbally instruct Alexa to play directly from my existing collection of music initiate playback?( i.e. unlike it being able to do so in its control of Amazon Music purchases)
Further ,from my initial reading,would I be correct in understanding that a single Dot 2 can only control the system at one location at a time and not multiple locations?

Thanks again.
Correct on the first, incorrect on the second. It will only be able to hear you when you are in range, but a single Alexa device can control your entire system. You distinguish devices by specifying a room in the command:

"Alexa, play smooth jazz in the Living Room"
"Alexa, play BBC 1 in the Kitchen"
Alexa, lower the volume in the bedroom"
Thank you very much for your clear advice and assistance.
Much appreciated.