Echo Show will control Sonos One and other Sonos products but will not play mucic when sonos does.

  • 1 December 2017
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I can control all of my Sonos products with Echo Show but Echo Show will not play music when Sonos does. I have tried to give Echo a duplicate command but it says its already streaming music to other players. Sonos tech support could not help me with this.

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3 replies

I spoke to another tech at Sonos last night and he was able to assist me in the matter above. He made it clear that the integration between Sonos and Alexa was only for the Voice commands and not for the music. This was a little surprising for me because I also own a Sonos One which houses the Alexa technology in a Sonos Play 1. Silly me I assumed that the Echo Show would play the music that Sonos was playing at the same time. I am not saying the product was misrepresented but instead I think for the price it falls short of my expectations.
I completely agree. Maybe Sonos can partner with Amazon to make this happen. It was completely misleading considering I purchased my echo show and Sonos together and no one ever stipulated that they are not compatible. Actually they are marketed together at BestBuy. When I returned to the store, they were as surprised as I am.
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Sonos has its own way of syncing all of its speakers into multiroom. And they are in the business of selling Sonos Speakers.

It would not make sense for them to allow an Alexa device to become a Sonos speaker (and technically the Alexa probably doesn't have the proper processing power for the Sonos sync and play methods). So they really can't be Sonos speakers (everything they do is via cloud - Sonos does processing onboard.

So Sonos is able to become an Alexa - but Alexa can't become a Sonos.

Now what should be able to happen is add a Sonos unit to an Alexa group. You can't do that currently because Amazon doesn't allow it. But technically there is nothing that would keep a Sonos speaker from playing as a part of an Alexa grouping in the Alexa app (other then again Amazon being protective of its product line). I would also question as to how in sync Alexa groups are with their methodology.