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We purchased a Sonos Playbase, Sub Woofer, and two Play:1 speakers for our lounge a few months ago. Last month we added the new Sonos:One (with built-in Alexa) - which is very handy to use voice control. Is there a way of making our lounge configuration voice controlled i.e. if we purchase an Echo Dot can this be linked to our Playbase so that we can use Alexa in the lounge? We do not want to buy Sonos:One speakers just to enable this function.

Many thanks

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If you get a Dot you will be able to control any of your Sonos speakers. E.g. I have a dot in the kitchen and can control playback in the lounge. You just have to use the name of the speaker ie. Alexa, stop the music on lounge. Please be aware that if the speaker you are asking to stop is grouped with others in the Sonos app it will stop playback on all the speakers in the group. Also no matter where your dot is, if music is playing it will duck the volume on ALL playing speakers when you speak to Alexa. Hope this helps.
Thank you for the response. We have our new Sonos:One speaker in the kitchen. However, we want to be able to control our Sonos system in the lounge but we do not have a Sonos:One player in there, the lounge speakers are Sonos:Play 1 (without Alexa). So, if we buy an Echo Dot, do we plug this in to the back of our Playbase (in the lounge) so that we can operate the lounge from the lounge with voice control?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
Not sure why the emoticon appeared in the above message! Must be an automatic thing. It was meant to read Sonos Play 1.
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The dot doesn't need to be plugged into the Playbase. As long as it's connected to your wifi and you have the Alexa skill enabled (which you should have for your One to work) you can control any speaker in your Sonos system. You should be able to start music on your lounge Playbase right now by asking your kitchen one Alexa play planet rock from tune in on lounge (or whatever your Playbase is called).
How to connect Sonos Playbase to amazon echo device?
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Use the Amazon Alexa App to link your echo device to Sonos ... in the Alexa App go to the Smart-Home section and install the Sonos skill... it will link your Amazon Account to your Sonos Account and then scan your WiFi network and discover your Sonos devices.

You can then control your Sonos devices using voice commands via Alexa.

Here is a link to show you what voice commands will work with Alexa...

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