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  • 16 October 2017
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So they announce Alexa integration with our Sonos systems. But of course they send a coupon for an Echo Dot after I buy one specifically for my Sonos. :?

The Alexa integration is working well so far by the way. Really recommend it to anyone still on the fence. All it needs is Spotify controls integrated more thoroughly.

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9 replies

Yep. they didn't consult with me before sending out that coupon either. Hopefully, they will be more considerate of their customers in the future.
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Yep. Did the same exact thing. Now the decision is do I buy a few more Dots or get the Sonos One. Dots are a lot cheaper!!!!!
I unfortunately have NOT gotten a code email yet. I fear that I won't because I abandoned the email address I used due to an overflow of spam (MSN issue, not Sonos).
Got an email from sonos offering code to get Amazon Echo Dot for £25 but Amazon not recognising the promotion code anyone having same problem
Yes I have the same issue too, I have the code but it doesn't work on Amazon UK
Yes I have the same issue too, I have the code but it doesn't work on Amazon UK
I can try it on the US site for you 🆒
Ye great. Got told it was released in USA and now over here in UK
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Just asked the better half to order me one as she has a Prime account. I hope the discount will work - I'll find out soon!
Still not got my Echo Dot vouchure and no reply to my Twitter DM to support