Dot won’t play on Playbar but will on others.

  • 13 October 2017
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The Alexa app for my Dot has found all three of my Sonos devices. When I ask it to play, for example radio on the Playbar, nothing happens and the Dot tells me it doesn’t recognise the name Playbar. Thinking it may be confused when I say the name Playbar into it, because of inclusion of the word “play” in the instruction I renamed it TV in the Sonos app. However it’s made no difference. Now when I ask it to play on the TV, as before nothing happens other than it tells me it cannot find anything called TV although it is recognised in the Alexa app as I have rescanned my devices.

Other two devices are okay.

Anyone any ideas please?


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26 replies

Just checked the year and you’re correct! Seriously when the big long awaited update came, I thought here it is at last after the many postings on the forum. Fully tested, working and ready to go!:(

Amazon only finalized their API at the very end of August, and their full integration with multi-room speaker manufacturers is not due until 2018. This is not to say the development was not concurrent and integrated between the parties, but I really think many people are not aware of how much time these things take.

As I have stated before, I'm in the middle of a multi-vendor OLTP and POS hardware and software upgrade in which the basic code is already written, it only needs to be customized, and the projected rollout from design to install is over 2 years. You simply cannot know exactly how long something should take unless you are privy to the inner architecture, not to mention the inner machinations between two or more companies, each with their own design philosophies and financial goals.