• 5 January 2018
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Just ordered a "One" (not the 1. already have one/1). Been looking at how-to-set-up video, it SEEMS like I may now need a Dot (or Echo) to have Alexa enabled on my new device? Is this true? See below: (3) Alexa enabled device). I was guessing the Sonos WAS an "Alexa enabled device"....?

I (think!) I have a PLAY 1 and a PLAY 3 and a new "ONE" on the way. Do I need a DOT too?

TERRIBLE naming / branding Sonos! I recommend Sonos to friends and have no idea what to tell them to get: ONE, PLAY 1, "not the "1" but the "ONE", might be PLAY 1 or the PLAY ONE, not sure..." etc..

What do I need to use Alexa with my Sonos?
1) An Internet connection / WiFi router
2) Sonos system running the latest update
3) Alexa enabled device

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1 reply

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The Sonos One has the dot built in (give or take a few differences).

You will be able to issue voice commands on the One to play to the One or any other of the Sonos speakers.

1) you will need internet connecti
2) sonos will update to latest when you setup
3) Sonos One is an Alexa enabled device.