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  • 21 January 2024
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I have 5 speakers.  2 plays, 2 ones, and a roam that I just purchased.  We moved and I changed the name of my speakers.  Now I have the old speaker names listed as devices on Alexa and there is no ability to delete under settings.  These names do not appear on Sonos system or devices.  But in the Alexa app the 4 duplicate speakers , the serial numbers are different/incorrect for these devices.  I’ve disabled the Sonos skill, logged out and deleted/reinstalled the Alexa app.

They are still there!

additionally all of my speakers have duplicates with the current name in the Alexa app — one with a speaker icon and one with a WiFi/spotify icon,

Thanks for your help.


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Hello @lightmove, welcome back.

I believe it’s better for you to reach out to Amazon in regards to your experience.

Sonos has no control over what is shown within the Amazon Alexa app and you will have more chances on getting answers from the Amazon Support team.

I hope they can help you get sorted.

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Thanks for reply. I spent an hour on the phone with Amazon Alexa support yesterday. It also stumped them! But I am in queue to have the developers look further into it. If I find a solution through that I will follow up here.

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Hey @lightmove,

I did some more research and I’m sharing with you my findings:

All Sonos speakers will show as playable devices and speakers with Alexa added, will show as additional separate devices.

Reinstalling the Alexa App is not helping because Amazon Alexa is cloud-based.

It is up to you if you are willing to try the following, or simply wait for Amazon Support to come back to you.

If the list of devices is not showing properly, you could try removing all entries (deregister) and then rediscover via Alexa voice command as show below:

Alexa app →  Devices →  [all Sonos devices] → Deregister . Once done,  simply ask "Alexa, discover devices".

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for following up on this 🙏. I thought about doing that… but since Amazon tech support can’t see the ghost speakers on there backend, my guess is that those speaker names are wedged into a bug that one of their developers might be able to clear out. If I don’t hear back in few days from them, I’ll take a swing at a full de/re-registration. Thanks again - more from me when I know more.