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  • 4 October 2017
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What can I do with clashing names for Alexa devices and Sonos devices ?
For example I have an Alexa dot called kitchen and a sonos device called kitchen. When I ask alexa to play it defaults to music coming from the dot rather than sonos.
I don't want to rename everything strangely as it doesn't make it user friendly... any ideas ?

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6 replies

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I found calling all my alexa devices putting room in front of name worked well. The only time you really use the alexa name is with intercom calling feature. So example I left my Sonos as Kitchen and then called the alexa “room kitchen”. So when I use intercom I say drop in room kitchen. So the wording flows nicely and it keeps the names from being mixed up. Changing the Sonos to Kitchen I didn’t find alexa wod pickup well when I would say play music on Sonos Kitchen. Works much better and reliably leaving Sonos as plain “kitchen” and alexa as “room kitchen”. Plus I didn’t like having Sonos in front of all zone names in the Sonos app.
Or maybe "Lumos" for the lights?
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Rename Sonos in Kitchen to 'Sonos Kitchen'?
Or the lights to Kitchen Lights.
Rename Sonos in Kitchen to 'Sonos Kitchen'?
Um, try renaming them?
Also have hue lights called "kitchen", these don't work due to the mix up now !