Cannot use multi room with Alexa + Symfonisk

  • 12 December 2022
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I have searched a bit but seems I am the first having this issue.

I have 3 Alexa (2 Dot and 1 spot) and 2 Symfonisk-Sonos. I am using Spotify from Android/iOS/PC - the issue is the same.

I am able to group alexa speakers and play (cast) to 1-2-3 of them. I am able to play to one sonos speaker at the time. Although I am not able to play to a group including 2 sonos speakers, or sonos speakers and Alexa.

I have created a group including 3 alexa and 2 sonos, but can’t see it on Spotify.

I have tried to create a Speaker Group (there is a dedicated function in the Alexa app) but in this case I have no chance to add the sonos speakers.

Already tried the standard troubleshooting (uninstall all the apps, disable and re enable sonos skill, restart, clear cache etc.

When asked, Amazon told me that Sonos speakers are not supposed to be compatible witht he multi-room functionality, although reading on the FAQ on Sonos website it seems the opposite

thanks in advance, I hope the issue is clear



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Hi.  You are certainly not the first to encounter this!

Sonos and Amazon are rival multiroom music systems.  You cannot play the two systems in synch with each other.

If you perhaps have a Sonos Roam, you could set that as the default bluetooth speaker for an Amazon echo device, then play ‘Everywhere on Amazon’ via the Alexa App, just as an example …and then go onto ‘group’ the playing Roam (over WiFi) to any/all Sonos speakers… it will work, but how good that would be, remains to be seen and it may depend on the local network environment/conditions as whether all will play in sync and maintain their sync too. 🤷‍♂️

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You can’t have synced output from both  ecosystems becayse they dont communicate like that with each other. Sonos works fine with amazon as multiroom as long as you have only sonos playing or only alexa devices playing. If you output to both, Sonos will go silent OR in the cases where you can succeed Sonos will come with a small delay.

This is a features request that should really be considered by Sonos devs

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Or by Amazon. Though both could have solid commercial motives not to do this……