Can't Add New Sonos Move Speaker to Alexa

  • 26 April 2023
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I recently purchased a new Sonos Move Speaker. This is a replacement for one I returned under warranty. Both Speakers are listed & identified in my account.  The problem is I cannot get Alexa to recognize the new speaker even though I’ve applied the Alexa Skill and have gone through the “Add Device” process. What’s very weird is if I instruct Alexa to play music using the name of the “OLD” speaker (ie. Sonos Move on the Patio) it recognizes that speaker as “active” & and tries to play music on it…..buried somewhere deep in a trash can…

Has anyone experienced this situation and what did you do to get Alexa to recognize the new speaker and ignore/delete the old?


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8 replies

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Remove the old and new device in the Alexa app and reboot your router. Then add the new device again in the Alexa app and see if it recognizes it.

Thanks for the idea but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, you can “disable” an existing Sonos in an Alexa device but can’t delete/remove it. That is the basic problem. Alexa imports equipment devices from Sonos at the serial number level. When you purchase a new speaker and retire an old, Sonos does not provide the ability to “delete or deactivate the old”. This would be such an easy fix for Sonos. Give the ability for the account owner to indicate which devices are “inactive” and have Alexa ignore those when importing Sonos serial numbers…..DONE! Currently, Alexa doesn’t know to manage a “reitred” and “new” device of the same make/model. WAKE UP SONOS!

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When you select the device in the Alexa app and tap the trash can icon, it doesn’t delete it?

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In addition to the steps from @GuitarSuperstar, can you also open the Sonos App>Settings>Services & Voice>Amazon Alexa and make sure that your new Move is shown as ‘Enabled’.

Yes, it will be deleted but will reappear because it’s still in the account

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Not sure there’s a link between the devices listed on your account and the devices visible to Alexa.

Yes, it will be deleted but will reappear because it’s still in the account

You may find it is stored in your Amazon Account online - check your list of devices under ‘Manage Your Content And Devices’ and remove the old components from your account - note the Move has two entries - one is for the speaker and the other is for the built-in Alexa component - you need to remove both entries.

See screenshot which shows the two icons for a Move called ‘Portable’ in my Amazon account online. Hope that helps you locate and remove them.

I appreciate the response buy my “old” Sonos Move is not listed. You see two items, but they are the same speaker because I changed the name from Sonos Move to just Move.