Can Roam act as Alexa enabled device in Alexa App?

  • 26 April 2021
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So obviously Alexa can be enabled on Roam, this question is whether the Roam can be one of the "Alexa-Enabled Devices" in a group and not just a "Device".

The difference being I can tell an Alexa-Enabled device to "turn on the lights" and the lights in the specific group associated with that Alexa-Enabled Device turn on. With the Roam, you need to specify the group as it only appears as a Device.


For info, when editing a group, both the Beam and One appear under "Alexa-Enabled Devices" whereas Roam appears under "Devices".

9 replies

Yes, I have this issue.

At the moment the Roam ‘Alexa component’ does not enable/control an Alexa Group, but this was also the case when the Sonos Move was first released and it later became ‘registered’ with Amazon and became capable of enabling a group.

I’m therefore hoping the same thing ‘might’ happen with the Roam, not least as an Alexa Group can then be used to auto-group/ungroup two or more Roams, which would be ideal for my own use-case.

I think it’s a case of waiting to see if Sonos/Amazon enable this ‘extremely useful’ feature.🤞

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I found this same issue (Roam came in today). Also noticed it isn't allowing to change profiles between my wife and me like other Sonos devices.

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@Corry P , any idea if the Roam is treated differently and/or if these are known issues (not an ‘Alexa-enabled’ device and cannot be used in profiles) that will be addressed?

Thanks for any insight.

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Hi @Talvish 

I’m going to side with @Ken_Griffiths on this one.

It’s likely that Amazon just need to update their device list. They may be doing some testing prior to this. I fully expect Roam to behave just like any other Sonos speaker with Alexa.

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Same issues I have as well. This also affects the ducking capability of the group you are using it with. Looking forward to this problem being rectified. Drives me crazy when I have to yell over the music to use Alexa. 

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Same issue here with both of my roams. About ready to return for refund. 

Also having this problem and it seems like a pretty essential feature.

Same problem here.

Sonos Roam doesn’t show up in Alexa as a Speaker so it cannot be added to a room.

Same problem here.

Sonos Roam doesn’t show up in Alexa as a Speaker so it cannot be added to a room.

It does show up as a speaker (just not an alexa enabled device) and it can be added to a room