Best way to connect Beam and FireStick 4K

  • 13 August 2019
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I'm a little confused by the different ways to connect Sonos and Alexa, and if they differ or conflict with each other. For backstory, I've had no issues with Alexa integration for the past year, so I'm fairly familiar with using it. I have an Echo Dot and Play:1 upstairs and the Beam downstairs. I recently got a FireStick 4K.

In my Alexa app I see my Beam in two ways:
  • TV Room, w/ Sonos Beam grouped/defaulted to that room ('Connected via Sonos')
  • Soundbar ('Connected via Fire TV') [Note I don't know if this is connection is wireless or through HDMI-CEC via the Panasonic TV, then optical/HDMI coverter to Beam]
Is there any issue with the duplicate devices? Is there a difference between the two regarding how Alexa and Beam interact? If so, is one preferable over the other?


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