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Is Google Home ever coming to Sonos One? I know the whole "Sonos does not release their timeline's on when they are going to release products/services". But the Sonos One is quite the inferior product with the way they are trying to sell it. Essentially, it's an overpriced Sonos Play 1 with voice commands that I literally have to yell in order to be heard; I mean, I really have to yell at the speaker vs. The Google Mini, or the Apple Homepod. Also, there are so many skills and abilities lacking with the Sonos One Alexa interface. I sincerely feel like this product was rushed out way too soon. I have (4) of them at the moment, along with other Sonos products, but am really peeved by lacking the Sonos One is...

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If you compare the Sonos One to other 'Alexa Enabled' devices it stands up very well and with the advantage of fantastic sound. The skills you mention that are not supported on the Sonos One are only available on pure 'Alexa' devices which even Amazon can't support across their entire range.

I agree that the support for Google Assistant is eagerly awaited but as you state in your post, no one from Sonos will comment on timelines!! 🙂
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My personal expectation for Google Assistant to become available on Sonos is in the Fall/Autumn months, not unlike when Alexa first became available last year. I have nothing to base that on other than experience... but with a new device that is supposed to be announced next week and Airplay 2 support also on their plates, I'm sure Sonos' developers are plenty busy right now.

It's been said that it will be available this year. There's still seven months left in this year. We'll get there, really we will. 🙂
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I literally have to yell in order to be heard

If you have to yell at your Sonos One in order to be heard, something is wrong. I can speak to mine in a normal voice from across the room even with the music on the louder side and be easily understood by Alexa. However, there is a known issue with the Sonos One wherein the mic can lose sensitivity over time. Fortunately, the simple solution (until this is permanently resolved in the firmware) is to cycle the mic off and back on again by pressing the mic button on the top of the speaker.

Given the pace of updates to the Sonos One since it's release, I wouldn't bet against a fall release for Google Home.

Given the pace of updates to the Sonos One since it's release, I wouldn't bet against a fall release for Google Home.

You can be certain it will be in place by the XMas shopping season, when the majority of sales happen. Only Apple can afford to miss that target, lol.


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