Beam switch OFF night mode with Alexa

  • 6 May 2020
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This is driving me mad! I can turn on night mode and speech enhancement mode on the Beam via Alexa  but how do I turn them off via Alexa? Please tell me this exists and hasn’t been overlooked by whoever develops the Sonos Alexa skill. Without it, the whole concept of a universal remote is broken. How hard would it have been to allow people to toggle these modes via Alexa (or via an IR code)?

1 reply

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Hi @bmoore117. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Sonos Community.

Although you may be able to control certain aspects of the Sonos system with Alexa. The overall controllability is decided upon Alexa’s communication to certain aspects of the Sonos system. Triggering on and off certain features within Sonos may be difficult or non-existent if the Alexa service is not integrated to respond to a command regarding that specific feature Sonos carries. This can result in certain features of Sonos not being available for Alexa until the Alexa system can recognize it. I would be happy to submit your feedback on that regard.

Regarding your second inquiry.The universal remote function was designed to work with Soos by being assigned volume, channel and mute commands. There is not a code available that would teach the universal remote additional features as the remote was not equipped with those features in mind. I have been made aware that the Logitech Harmony remote may access more features of services that are connected to it, but this would be a limitation of the controllability that an IR remote carries.