Beam Alexa: Sorry TV is not responding

Connected my Beam to my Samsung TV ARC port. Volume control is working, but can't get Alexa to turn on or off my TV. She says "Sorry TV is not responding". Any idea?

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I have the same issue with my Samsung TV. Can’t say I have found it easy and messed around with it for ages last night. Good to hear how you get on.
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Hi guys, some TV's need special settings done in the configuration in order to receive certain CEC commands from HDMI sources. Can you check in the settings for Samsung Anynet+. Go to System -> Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) -> Auto Turn Off > Yes

If that's not working, it'd be good to reach out to the Samsung about that model TV to see that it does support On/Off over CEC and if there are any settings it needs to have set.
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Just tried controlling my Samsung UE40KU6400 from the Beam, asking Alexa to turn the TV on or off results in Alexa responding OK - with no effect on the TV. Speaking to a Samsung support person didn't result in any positive guidance.
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Have you tried out those Anynet+ settings in the TV?

Think you could post a picture of the settings menu selections you have around CEC?

You should have
TV Menu > Application > Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) > Device List > Receiver > ON
TV Menu > Setup > Anynet+(HDMI-CEC) > On
Auto Turn off > Yes
Hi guys. I have a Samsung Q8C and not got these options and still no joy. Any ideas? Starting to think I should have brought Samsung as the salesman wanted..... Thought I knew better. Im
struggling so far so may be going back. It’s alot quieter than I expected as well.
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If you don't see the Anynet+ settings for the Samsung TV, check under the Samsung TV's Sound menu, switch Speakers to External Speakers (On some Samsung TVs this option may be named Receiver).

Are you unable to get the audio to play at all, or is it just Alexa commands not working (CEC not going through).
I made a stupid mistake! I had a WeMo Switch named 'TV', but I'm not using it anymore. Alexa thought I wanted to turn that switch on, but couldn't find it. Removed the WeMo Switch and now it's working!
My Beam won't switch on my Samsung series 6. However I switch on the TV with the remote Alexa will turn the TV off and she'll turn it back on again. But only after I've used the remote first.
My Beam says OK to turning tv on/off but does nothing. I’ve contacted both Samsung and Sonos but neither has a solution at this time. Alexa does raise and lower volume ont the Samsung tv.
My Beam says OK to turning tv on/off but does nothing. I’ve contacted both Samsung and Sonos but neither has a solution at this time. Alexa does raise and lower volume on the Samsung tv.

Same here. It is so random. It has worked a couple of times....Alexa say "okay" then nothing happens. However it will switch off the TV......then back on again if i ask straight away but not from cold.
I've tried all the suggestions i could find on here about Anynet,unplugging other HDMI sources ( which kind of defeats the object) changing the speaker setting etc
Oh well at least i know it's not just me ! 😃
Same problem on a Panasonic TV. Has been working perfectly with Beam, now Alexa says TV not responding. However, Alexa/Beam will still do volume up or down, just won't turn TV on or off. Have checked TV HDMI settings, not changed any settings on the TV.
If your tv has git the smart things app II got mine to work by enabilibg smart thing skill on allexa app turns on and off