Beam - Alexa Integration Issues (Device Location and Device Time Zone)

  • 31 July 2018
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Not making any significant progress with Sonos Support after submitting problem details 2 weeks ago and a Diagnostics submission just after that so posting this to see if anyone else has similar issues.

The Sonos beam responds to Alexa commands but there is a problem with how it is integrated in the Alexa app which is unable to set Device Location or Device Time Zone. I can't set this data manually either, I get an error message that "We weren't able to update the address associated with this device. Please check your network connectivity and try again later" or "We weren't able to update your device time zone. Please check your network connectivity and try again later". I've removed the Beam from Alexa and worked through the set up again with no improvement. BTW, I have yet to see a formal process from Sonos as to how to factory reset the Beam, that may be an option but I don't feel inclined to waste more time doing that and/or resetting Controllers on mobiles, tablets and PCs without any kind of substantive evidence from Sonos explaining how this will fix the problem.

I have Sonos 1 and Sonos 3 and they both show Device Location and Device Time Zone.

All non-Sonos Alexa devices show Device Location and Device Time Zone in the Alexa app.

In the Sonos app I can see the Beam (designated as Sonos Beam). In the Alexa app under Alexa Devices, Settings and Smart Home show the Sonos Beam. In the Alexa app under Smart Home I also have a Sonos Beam TV!

Does anyone else see this problem with inability to enter Device Location/Device Time Zone and have you managed to resolve the issue?

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3 replies

I'm having much the same issue, the address on my Beam refuses to accept my edit. When I ask the weather today she responds by telling me the weather in Chipping Norton (I live in Lancashire) Although surprisingly and to add a further air of mystery when I ask her my location she responds with 'Cleveleys Lancashire'. I have had several different employees (never the same one twice) of Sonos email me every day in response to me replying to their last email on the subject but all to no avail, no one there seems to be able to help. Very frustrating indeed. I get the feeling they are hooping I'll just tire of the issue and shut up about it...I wont, this thing cost me 400 quid and I want it to work if its not too much trouble for them...
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Hi, have you tried setting the location settings for your Beam using the web app instead of the Alexa mobile app? The website is or

The Beam and the Sonos One both should show up twice in the Alexa app as devices with settings. You will also see the Beam listing its TV connection separately under Smart Home. This is how the Beam is able to use voice to send CEC commands to the TV. You target the Beam's TV connection with that second entry (though it's implied so you don't usually need to use it).
Thanks Ryan but where's the web app settings for my Beam I have never come across this before? The Beam is not listed in the Sonos app either on my lap top or mobile, I tried deleting it from the app and then reinstalling it but now I cant find out how to reinstall it as it wont 'descover' it either? Lost my surround sound now too of course....
Any advice please?