Amazon Unlimited Music, an exiting Echo Show, adding Sonos 1 (with built-in Echo functionality).

  • 5 November 2017
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I currently own two Sonos 5 speakers and use an Amazon Echo Show to stream Amazon Music Unlimited via either or both speakers. No problems there. I'd like to add two smaller Sonos 1 speakers (with the built-in Amazon Echo functionality) to other rooms of my home. I think I'd prefer the Sonos 1s (rather than the Sonos 1 Play) so I can use voice commands at a distance from my Echo Show. But I'm open to suggestions (i.e. Is there a reason why I should I just get Sonos 1 Play speakers). If anyone has added Sonos 1s to an existing Alexa-driven system, what are the implications with regard to the Amazon Unlimited Subscription? Will I have to upgrade to the more expensive family plan to use what are essentially multiple Echo devices to stream Amazon Music? Or if I am only streaming Amazon Music via a single device at a time will I be OK with my current plan (just the simple non-family Unlimited Plan)?

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2 replies

I'll be honest, you've confused me with all of the names you've given the speakers. There's two that I think you're talking about, the PLAY:1, which is the same one that has been sold for several years, and the new Sonos One.

I've not added a Sonos One to my current system yet, but I can't think of any reason at all why it would change your Amazon account status any more than streaming on your PLAY:5 speakers has.

However, I'm a single guy, and I've not tried streaming more than one stream at a time on my current system. If that is your goal, you may indeed have to change subscriptions, I don't beleive the standard "Amazon Prime member" music subscription allows more than one thing to be playing at a time. You can, however, stream that one stream on as many speakers as you like.
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Hi Neurad1

As long as you use Sonos groups to provide your multi-room, there is no impact to your plan. The grouping will need to be done via the app as the option to group speakers via Voice Control is not yet available.