Amazon Echo Dot Coupon? Did you get one?

  • 18 October 2017
  • 67 replies

Did anyone get an Amazon Echo Dot coupon? My friend told me about it today, but I've had a sonos play 5 since 2012 but I didn't get a coupon. :?

Best answer by Ryan S 18 October 2017, 19:33

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67 replies

No still waiting
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Yes. Have you checked your spam? My email was headed: Start Using Sonos + Amazon Alexa

The offer was halfway down the body of the email.
Nope, still nothing.

Yes. Have you checked your spam? My email was headed: Start Using Sonos + Amazon Alexa

The offer was halfway down the body of the email.
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Only got mine an hour ago so it may well be on its way!
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Got mine just after 9am in the UK. Already redeemed it. I have 2 Echos and 3 Dots already, but couldn't resist!
Nope - Not got the email despite having "Send me Company Product Information" ticked.
I have still not received the offer and I own three products of Sonos
Nothing here yet either, despite owning several Playsl ! I've been looking at getting a Dot too...
Just read that the codes come out 'some time this week'. I'm in the UK ad not received one yet - but my boss has.
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No I haven't either, hope I do as I fancy giving the Dot a try
No. What discount does it provide? 10%? 25%? ???
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Apparently 50% as it's a £25 off, but haven't received mine either...
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Mine arrived this morning, on my email address that I usually get Sonos updates from. I would imagine that there are enough people with Sonos accounts that they have to do it in batches? In the other thread, some people got their codes yesterday I think?
Got emailed a coupon code however not valid for Amazon UK.

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Got my e mail this morning with 50% discount code for Amazon. No problems using it. Next day delivery too.
I haven't gotten one either. 😞
Bought 2x Play 1's about 6 months ago - but only just activated my account here. Hope I still get the code!
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Hi everyone, if you think you're eligible for the Echo Dot promotion it'd be best to give us a call on our sales line. The team can help check your eligibility and see about getting you a code if you are.

The general terms of the promotion are here, if you're looking for them.
Thanks @Ryan. I just called and, after my eligibility was confirmed, had code emailed directly to me by sales rep. Order placed on Amazon. Looking forward to setting up this weekend. 🙂
If anyone has a spare code they are not using would be gratefully received (message me), thanks in advance Adrian
Facebook messaged Sonos yesterday - they checked my email and sent me a code. Getting it ordered!
Anyone got spare code please?
No, I didn't get mine yet. Checked junk and everything too.
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Got mine at 09.11 (UK) on weds! Ordered straight away and got delivered yesterday. Looking forward to fun filled weekend setting it up. One question - How do you get it to select music from your Music Library?
I DM'd Sonos yesterday - they are no longer issuing codes. All existing codes can be used by 11:59pm (PT) October 29th or while promotional stocks last.