Alexa voice volume too loud

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At least it’s not just me! Alexa shouts! LOL
I’ll follow to find the solution. Thanks.
I just wanted to add I'm having the same problem. Alexa is deafeningly loud and completely impractical to use at night.

There must be a way of turning it down to a normal level.
After spending a bit of time talking to support today they confirmed that the massive difference between the Alexa voice and the music you are listening to is "intended". Which would be a truly weird design choice.

I have found a workaround. By disabling Alexa on my Sonos One and adding the Sonos skill to an old Amazon Dot I can get most of what I need.
The ability to set Alexa voice to a static level is desperately needed. Streams on Tune In have wildly fluctuating volume levels and often require raising the volume to achieve a moderate listening level, in these frequent scenarios Alexa's voice is far too loud.

I also don't really get the need of fixing Alexa's voice to the device volume level, the active audio fades anyway before she kicks off so it's not as though she needs to compete with it.

Count me in as another who's disabled Alexa which is a real shame, I bought the gear as a music playback solution for my other half who's not good with technology but good at talking!
She found the whole thing very obtrusive and I have to agree.

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