Alexa voice notifications working

  • 15 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Hello all, as you all may already know Alexa cant speak out voice notifications like it can with any Amazon Alexa device. I have seen a lot forum posts asking why they cant hear their Ring motion and doorbell notifications and for the longest time ever those notifications never worked with Sonos. Well as of last night my Sonos One speakers started blurting out motion detections and doorbell presses. I cant find any release notes about this anywhere, has anyone noticed this too? I also noticed with Alexa routines if you had an Alexa response she would say “Alexa voice responses are not compatible with this device” now she doesn’t and voice responses work just fine with routines. Hopefully this isn't a fluke bug.

2 replies

If it's a bug I seem to have the same one on at least my Sonos Beam. Noticed it started announcing ring camera notifications this afternoon. 

I started noticing this with ours as well