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  • 30 March 2021
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I’ve seen the support article on the available commands through the Alexa Sonos skill.  However, the command set it pretty limited.  I have some suggestions I would like to see implemented.  We have a Sonos Beam in our master bedroom...the kids’ bedrooms are right down the hall.  These would be helpful in automatically managing the device when my wife and i are watching TV at night:

  • I have an Alexa routine to switch Night Mode on every night at 9pm.  However, there is no method to automatically switch it OFF the next morning.  I have to manually do this through the app.
  • The ability to control the bass level through Alexa.  I usually keep the bass level at around 8 or 9.  There’s a surprising amount of bass coming out of such a small soundbar.  I would like to be able to have the skill automatically turn down the bass and night and then back up the next morning.

Others may have various reasons for wanting to control these features as well.  I’m not sure why one would create the method for turning on Night Mode or Speech Enhancement without also enabling the ability to turn them back off through the Alexa skill.  The API is obviously there because the app can control these features (manually, of course).




3 replies

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If you use an iOS device to control your Sonos speakers, you can use the Soro app to create automations and shortcuts with all of your Sonos products. With Soro and the iOS Shortcuts app, you can specifically create an automation to switch Night Sound on every night at 9 PM and switch it off the next morning. You can do the same for the bass level or any other Sonos setting you would like to change. I personally use Soro to set up widgets of preset EQ settings for my Sonos Arc.

It really is a fantastic app that most Sonos users are unaware of. It costs $5.99 but worth every penny.


That would solve the problem of being able to schedule those features...albeit at a cost .  However, it doesn’t solve being able to control those features via voice commands through Alexa.  I realize that wasn’t part of my original post, but it should have been.  In fact, currently the only way to program it through an Alexa Routine is to create a custom routine and type in what you would tell Alexa to do by voice.

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It’s not Alexa, but you can use Siri to run the Sonos shortcuts you create in the Shortcuts/Soro app.