alexa voice can't find songs on Apple Music

  • 25 September 2021
  • 3 replies

I have a Sonos move and enables the Alexa voice assistant. I have set up Apple Music in bit the Alexa and Sonos app. When I ask the speak to play a specific song on apple it says it can't find it?! But I can play stations just for me!? Help please 

3 replies

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How exactly are you saying the Alexa command? Say: “Alexa, play “song name” by “artist name” from Apple Music in the “room associated with Sonos Move”.

Thanks for the reply. 

The issue happens when I ask for a specific song. For example  'm saying “Hey Alexa play with or without you by U2 on Apple Music” or “Alexa play songs by Coldplay on apple music” 


But if I say “Alexa  play music on Apple Music" it says “here is a station just for you” and plays music from Apple 

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Try disabling and re-enabling the Sonos skill in the Alexa app. Remove and re-add Apple Music in the Sonos app. Then reboot your router.