Alexa Updated Sonos Skill For Canada?

  • 25 November 2017
  • 9 replies

Will Sonos have their Alexa skill updated for the Canadian launch of Alexa on Dec 5th? Presently the skill does not exist for the English (Canada) language model. Doesn't look so tough to accomplish...

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9 replies

I received today my 3 echo dot and I can't find the Sonos Skill! I bought them for controlling my Sonos devices... I wish tomorrow we will able to add the skill.
Early 2018 is what Sonos say for Canada. Exactly when that will be is anyone's guess. For India launched over a month ago, they don't say even that. Count your blessings:-).
I’m also waiting! Please Sonos can you make best efforts to make it happen sooner rather than later.
Why the delay? It is available in so many other countries.
It's available now. Just set it up last night. It seems to be a hobbled version of Alexa for some reason e.g. I cannot enable drop in on my Sonos One. I've got an echo dot in my home office and wanted to use it and the Sonos One in the kitchen as an intercom. It doesn't work. Also if you've Amazon music that is not available on sonos one. This has potential I just wish that Amazon would allow Sonos to use all the alexa features.
Where did you find the Sonos skill? It is not in my Alexa app.
In the Alexa app under smart home click add device to find Alexa in your sonos. Then it will appear in the skills. Weird I know !!!
Yes weird. the smart app does not find my playbar. and therefor I still can not add the sonos skill.
I can't find the Sonos skill nor does it see my Sonos when I do a search under smart home. Oddly my brother-in-law got a Alexa for Christmas and was able to get his Sonos running right away. Weird