Alexa Turns on tv in wrong input

  • 7 April 2019
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I have a Vizio 4k tv that is connected to beam with HDMI ARC with an Apple TV connected to the Vizio on another port via HDMI.
When I call Alexa to turn on TV, my tv switches to the ARC input and I see a generic white screensaver thing. I have to manually switch to say HDMI 5 for AppleTV so I can watch something. If I turn off the TV with it last being on HDMI 5 and turn it back on using Alexa it goes back to HDMI ARC. How do I keep it at the Apple TV HDMI?

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2 replies

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Hi Evil Karma, what's the model of that Vizio TV? Have you checked that the firmware is up to date?

This is probably going to be a question for Vizio, as I suspect that the Vizio is simply switching to whichever HDMI input sends it an input first. However, you'll want to go into the TV's CEC settings to make sure that's enabled. Also, under HDMI settings, you may have a setting that can adjust how it responds to inputs.
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Hi Evil Karma

I have a Beam and as far as I can tell once you turn off the TV it will revert back to the HDMI-ARC port. I experienced this on a Sony and a Samsung. Another real world experience for me was that the Beam worked perfectly with my Sony and not so with my Samsung. Alexa will turn my Samsung on but not off:?. I've resigned myself to live with that quirk. Unless (as Ryan said) you can find a setting within the Vizio to control HDMI-ARC behavior you may have to live with the quirk(s) as well.

Click the link that will take you to another thread in this forum that contains a link to an article written by an impartial source regarding the implementation of HDMI-ARC by TV manufacturers. In short there is no governing standard to ensure compatibility across all products.