Alexa talking too much

  • 24 October 2017
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Love the Sonos One. However Alexa seems to be too talkative. When I say "Alexa play Santana Oye Como Va"
Alexa says "Playing Santana Oya Como Va from Spotify on Bedroom" I DONT want her to say anything, just start
playing my music. If this can't be changed it'll drive me nuts! Any Alexa be quiet and just play it tips??

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2 replies

I'm afraid that is the way Alexa is. She can be a chatty Cathy.

I suggest you watch Galaxy Quest, where Sigourney Weaver's only job is to look good in her starship uniform and repeat whatever the ship's voice activated computer says, right after the computer says it. Now that gets old. A couple hours of that and Alexa seems downright reticent. 😉
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This is so you can tell pretty quickly whether Alexa actually recognized what you asked for, so you can quickly say "alexa stop" if she gets it wrong.