Alexa stops playing music after a few songs

  • 24 June 2018
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I have seen a few of these postings but they seem to be older. I was wondering if this is going to get fixed? I don't understand why it would all of the sudden just stop playing music after a few songs or sometimes just after one song. Then if I tell it "Echo, next track" it replies "What do you want to hear". So I tell it again to play a station from Pandora and it works just fine. It may play for the rest of the day, it may stop. Very frustrating. Other times when I tell it the second time to play the same station, it tells me that it is already playing. The Sonos app even reflects the same info but yet there is no music coming from the speakers. All of my speakers are on one group and they all have unique names, even separate from the lights that are in the same rooms so there should be no conflict there.

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Please follow the steps in section 2 that I submitted in the Answer to this post:

Moderator note: In addition to the advice above, we also have an article that talks about how to resolve the majority of issues with Alexa on Sonos.