Alexa started music server feed, stops (Whisperings)

  • 30 April 2023
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So, I've been trying to listen to the Whispering Solo Piano Radio custom stream on my Sonos Roam.

The custom screen pulls song by song from a server, as opposed to being a full live stream.


It's only available via an Alexa skill.

After anywhere between 5 minutes and 45 minutes the music stops. I don't have problems using the skill on my cell phone, or the cell phone app with a custom stream. The network does not seem to be the issue. Bandwidth and latency both seem fine... As well the other devices are on the same network and work fine.


The Whispering support has been extremely receptive, but is not been able to figure out what's going on. I seem to be the only person reporting this issue.


​​​​​​Since I've no way of isolating Alexa, versus any other part of the process considering that's the only way it can play it on the speaker, I was wondering if Alexa is involved in any of the song by song file pulls... And if so is there some way of troubleshooting this?


Thank you


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6 replies

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Normally for Sonos to play music initiated by Alexa, you need to add the source as a Music Service to Sonos as well as the skill in Alexa.  Try adding it as a Internet Radio Station as per

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Thank you. This skill does not have a source as a  music service behind it. The two choices are adding their stream via TuneIn or using the Alexa skill. The skill plays the stream or the custom player which allows for customization, as it pulls them individual files from a server.

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Hi @dr1818 

Thanks for your post!

I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports - the speakers will be logging anything that goes wrong. I suggest you submit a support diagnostic immediately after experiencing the issue before calling in.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you. I actually started that process last evening.

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Well, from the ticket they said that since I have to deal with an Alexa, that's an Amazon related issue. I reached out to the developer of the skill, and he said that it's as soon as related item as the Alexa part of the Sonos is emulated on the Sonos. He said that he test all the official devices and they work.

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Hi @dr1818 

Thanks for updating the thread.

For what it’s worth, none of your submitted diagnostics indicate any playback errors, so as far as the speaker is concerned, all is going well. It does seem like this is an issue with the implementation of the Alexa skill you are using.

I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done to combat the issue, except to find another way to play the station - if there even is one.