Alexa Spotify support coming by Dec 21st

  • 2 November 2017
  • 5 replies

I won't add a URL, since this idiotic InSided software will send this post immediately to the spam filter, so you'll have to Google it yourself. Variety is the article i read.

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5 replies
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Thanks for the info, dec 21 will be the date .....
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Looking forward to this integration but do have a concern regarding multiple streams. Currently you can only link one Spotify account with your Amazon account through the Alexa app. I believe, from reading other forums that this means you cannot stream different songs at the same time to multiple echo devices.
Sonos, on the other hand, is seen as a single client so can handle multiple streams playing on different speakers from the same Spotify account. This mean I can be rocking out to AC/DC in the kitchen whilst my daughters are listening to Taylor Swift in one room and Ed Sheeran in the other. All from one account.
Will this still be possible on multiple Sonos Ones when intiating playback via voice? My feeling is no as you link the Sonos Alexa to your amazon account which in turn is linked to a single Spotify account. So I'm guessing it'll work like the echo's and not like Sonos currently does using the app.
Be interested in Sonos' comments on this (tho I suspect silence until this is released)
No word on when other audio sources will work (like “What’s New?”). Really need my NPR fix every morning to find out how the Orange idiot has disgraced the country.
Helpful details on the integration here!