Alexa spotify and continuous play

  • 13 September 2019
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For 2 days now if we ask alexa for a specific song it plays and then it stops, before, after the originally requested track playback would continue buf not anymore. The twitter team is not able to help us resolve the situation. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this??


12 replies

I have had the same issue for months now on a Sonos One. I finally called customer support this past week about it, they didn't seem to know anything about the issue. He suggested that if I request one song, then it should only play the one song then stop.

This was not the original behaviour for about a year beforehand. If you requested a single song using Alexa and Spotify, it would play the song then keep playing music afterwards of similar genre.

Not sure if there is an issue or not, but it was much better in the past when it would continue playing music.

I think this may be a Spotify thing

As far as Sonos itself is concerned I believe Support gave you a correct answer. 

I should have mentioned.


the autoplay feature with Spotify is set to “on”.

I don’t use the Spotify Autoplay feature, and I think that if I ask for a specific track, only that track should play, however, if I ask for a playlist, play should continue. This “playlist” could be one of my own, a Spotify built playlist, or a “social” playlist sent to me by a friend.

There also seems to be a “mindset”. The iTunes mindset has always been “play from here”. By this I mean that once a track is selected from an album, play continues until the end of the album. This would be the case if one was playing a physical CD. I also have some friends, that were never iTunes users, who play only whole albums. I, on the other hand, play tracks. For me “play from here” is cumbersome. Early in SONOS history, play was track oriented and iTunes users raised such a fuss about the “illogical” user interface that SONOS switched to “play from here” in the SONOS controllers.

I rarely use the Spotify App. I treat Spotify as a large collection of CD’s in my basement -- an extension of my own collection of CD’s.

I just thought it was odd that for about a year it worked differently (better in my opinion). I could play a single song, and it would automatically create a playlist based on that song and continue playing.

Then one day, we had to swap out our modem for a new one, and since setting up the speaker on the new modem it changed instantly to only playing the single song and that’s it.

This has been ongoing for months now, and I assumed there was an issue.

I am rather surprised that this change coincided with getting a new modem the same day. Which lead me to believe there was an issue.


Odd that it’s not….🤷‍♂️


Is the request via Alexa? What happens if you play the track from the Sonos app or the Spotify app?

I am experiencing the very same issue!  I loved the fact that it would automatically generate a playlist based on a song request. It was super easy, driving me nuts that it won't anymore. If this is a feature lost in one of the recent updates I really hope it gets corrected!

To be clear, the problem started while using Alexa so I switched to Google assistant and it worked again, until recently and now only plays the one song again. I use Spotify and have made sure, many times, that autoplay is on.

Same issue with google assistant. I have google home and it works with auto play. 

just bought a Sonos Beam and this is a no no for me :(

Super disappointing!

It seems it is a software issue between Sonos and Spotify (not sure the issue exists with other streaming apps). Perhaps it can be fixed in the next update?  Let's hope someone from Sonos is listening!

Here's the message a recieved from Sonos…

"Thanks for reaching out. We'll be glad to assist you with your request. The explicit command to play one song, it will only play that one song. You can request it play the artist, album, or genre,  and the auto play feature will work.

We'll be glad to forward your feedback to the appropriate team as an enhancement request."

... We shall see!