Alexa + Sonos does not work in Brazil! What brand can we use instead of Sonos?

  • 6 January 2022
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Sonos should not be able to use Amazon Alexa seal since it’s not available everywhere. I just decided to sell my Sonos. That said, I think we should use this space to discuss about alternative devices that could replace our useless non amazon alexa Sonos. What is an equivalent speaker that is Amazon Alexa friendly for Sonos? What would you buy instead? Thank you all!


Vendo todas as perguntas aqui e falta de uma atitude prática pelo time Sonos, estou decidido de vendê-la para substituir por algum dispositivo que seja 100% integrado. Acho que é mais útil usarmos esse espaço para discutirmos sobre qual produto (que não Sonos) devemos comprar com integração total à Alexa? Qual vcs indicam para eu substituir minha Sonos?

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2 replies

None.  There are no smart speakers comparable to Sonos that have Alexa capabilities in Brazil.

And by the way, it is tres de classe to purposefully start a thread about the competition just because you are perturbed with the sponsors of this forum.  It’s not like anyone here is going to give you help, it’s obvious you are just here to cause a stink. 

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Maybe I should move to Brazil, to avoid exposure to Alexa?