Alexa set up with Beam and LG TV

  • 18 August 2021
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I have surround sound with my Sonos Beam, and a recent LG OLED that is Alexa capable. On the previous TV, I used Alexa with the Beam, and it did everything it was capable of, which isn’t much on the tv apart from volume and power. 

The new tv can be controlled with Alexa, do I now disable Alexa for the beam, and only use the TV for Alexa? I’ve added the basic and Complete Alexa skills, but alot of commands for the Tv, Alexa says it cannot do. It will do previous tasks, volume, power, and I have sporadically got it to pause, but it won't change inputs, or open certain apps. 

Thanks for reading. 


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4 replies

You can use both. - If there are any ‘conflicting’ devices in the Alexa device list (ie devices that have the same name) you can just edit and change the name of either one. 

As an example, I have Alexa on my Arc and built into the TV and I also use a Harmony Hub to control my TV, they all have commands to power on/off mute the TV and the Harmony Hub goes much further by allowing the change of TV channels and inputs and launching TV Apps etc.

So I have called/renamed my TV device for Alexa purposes as follows …

“Living Room TV” for Sonos control

“Media Room TV” for the Alexa built-into the TV

“LG OLED TV” for Harmony Hub Alexa control

You may find on your LG TV for its Alexa setup, that there is a dropdown list to provide the TV with a name/identifier for use with its built in assistant.


Thanks Ken. I have them all enabled, and no name clashes. Although it seems like the Sonos Beam, the original Alexa device in the living room, still takes all commands, and just doesn’t understand some of the TV commands. I tried turning off/disabling the Sonos but then it wouldn’t turn the tv off and on, and still didn’t really understand commands. 

I’ve added everything to the Alexa app on the tv itself, ( which now shows up as a device on the iPhone Alexa app. The Sonos on the app considers itself ‘Type TV’, but that’s not it’s name.


I am guessing I'll have to go through everything with a process of elimination, until the TV starts doing what it’s asked.

I don’t ever use ‘TV’ in the Alexa instruction, as it seems that’s common to many video skills. I only use the full name given - so if I want the Harmony Skill to have control I would say this:  "Alexa, mute the LG OLED TV”, or if I want the TV built-in Alexa to have control, I just say “Alexa, turn up the volume on Media Room TV” - it means that Alexa then hopefully knows which skill I’m asking her to use.

Using a common name like ‘TV’, which is probably a fallback for most (if not all) video skills is one device-identifier I try to avoid, if that helps you any further at all?

Thanks for the responses Ken. This post has been tagged as ‘answered’. which I guess it has been, but not resolved. I have followed the steps you suggest, but Alexa is not cooperating. 

I will remove all devices and go through. Alexa is usually quite good at following commands, but not since the addition of the webos TV.

And a message for the Sonos forum, perhaps the OP decides if the issue has been resolved!