Alexa: Route all Audio-Output through Sonos

  • 6 October 2017
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Hey there,

while im really happy to see that the alexa beta finally went live, im a bit concerned on the taken approach.

I bought 5 echo dots about a year ago when I first read the Sonos/Alexa announcement. I knew the dots would have very poor sound quality compared to the bigger versions but it didn't really bother me, since I never intended to use them as speakers anyway. Its not just about the music - there are timers, alarms, todo-lists, calendars, audible and basically everything else that comes out of Alexa, that I want to hear through my quality speakers.

I would be very happy for a solution that lets me connect one Alexa device to one specific Sonos speaker and routes all audio input through that speaker. There would be no need for additional Spotify/Audible integration because Alexa does all the work and Sonos just streams the audio. Yes, there would be a short delay compared to the native Alexa response but I wouldn't mind at all.

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I've just run into the same snag, i'm running two room / house groups with two Echo Dots, and I've been pretty happy with the use of line-in, running all audio through my sonos groups and Alexa is crystal clear when she responds. I was just able to successfully setup the integration through the alexa app and was disappointed to discover that alexa no longer responds through sonos, even with the line-in still running! Ugh... The only way this will work for me with Dots is to have all audio traffic running through my groups or speakers. This still needs some work.