Alexa playing from my Sonos music library

  • 23 November 2017
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Do you have plans to enable the Sonos/Alexa integration to play music from music library? Most of my music listening is via my local network shared music. Id like to be able to use Alexa to play my playlist or indivudal songs or artists stored on my network drive

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7 replies

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Yes. They plan to get that working. When? Now that's another question!
Lets hope its soon, I play my library more than music services
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The only short term option is to load your music library into the Amazon cloud but at a cost...
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The only short term option is to load your music library into the Amazon cloud but at a cost... and thats the goose that lays the golden egg
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Any update for this feature? My Amazon cloud ends next month, what options do i have to ask Alexa to play my music on Sonos One without paying £15 a month?
I have the same problem except that my Amazon cloud just ended. Now 80% of my music is from my local library (since Amazon deleted all of it online). I can load my music library on to Google Music but that doesn't work with Alexa and Google Assistant isn't coming any time soon.

I've tried Plex but the Alexa skill can't play on my Sonos speakers - only my Echo devices (it might work with a Sonos 1 but I don't have one of those).

The best new feature from Sonos was being able to play my music with voice commands and now I can't do that any more. I hope to see some movement here soon.
I use the MyMedia skill to play local music on my Echos. I point it to the same NAS location I use for Sonos so I don't have to maintain two different music libraries. It works well except for 3 issues:

1 You have to keep a PC running someplace to hold the index of your local library and make it available to Alexa for voice control. It does not have to be a dedicated PC but it does need to be on any time you want to play local music though your Echos.

2 It will not work with Alexa groups so no synced multi-room playback.

3 You can't use it to play on Alexa enabled Sonos speakers via voice command so you will have to use the Sonos app until Sonos releases the production version of their Alexa skill.

Not ideal but all that is available at the moment.