Alexa outage, not working

Hi Alexa worked perfect Tuesday evening Wednesday evening she says she will do what I ask her but nothing happened have to use the app on phone

Best answer by chicks 15 May 2019, 21:40

Outage right now.
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Outage right now.
What do you mean iam a bit thick when it comes to these things
Could someone please help
It's driving me mad
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There is an outage currently. You can check the status by going to

If there is an outage, things wont work.
Will it sort itself out
She will tell me a joke but won't play any music she says she will but nothing
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Hi Mandy, what's not working is the link between Alexa and Sonos (and a few other things). This means commands going to Sonos devices may not work. It's a partial outage, so sometimes it might. When it's resolved, it should start working, but if you see the outage has been resolved and you're still having trouble, let us know.
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Will it sort itself out

Generally, the question is "when".

Just try to remain patient.
Thanks its never happened before I've tried everything to get her to work so I don't have to do anything just wait
Thanks guys had a look it says tunein is operational but it's not