Alexa not working on Sonos one AGAIN

  • 18 April 2022
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I am not again scrolling through similar issues that were raised years ago - I would like a new topic opened please.


I have an Echo Dot and a Sonos One.

I have had same for 4+years.

When I ask the Sonos “Alexa, play Absolute Radio” or “Alexa, ask BBC to play Radio 2” or similar commands, I get the expected response: E.g. “Absolute Radio from Planet Radio” or “BBC Sounds, and the jingle.


This does not happen with the Echo Dot.

I can start any radio station or music from the app on my iPhone.

But when I ask Alexa to “Stop playing”, NOTHING HAPPENS.  I have to unplug the damn thing or use the App.

Yes, I have checked the microphone (why, I don’t know because my voice was clearly heard!).

Yes, I have reset the One and started from scratch.

Yes, I have disabled and reenabled all the skills.

This MUST be an issue with Alexa & Sonos (My Echo Dot works fine)

PLEASE CAN SOMEONE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION. If you cannot notice, I am getting VERY FRUSTRATED with this.

Thank you


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Maybe you problem is not with Alexa. The BBC has made some changes on Sonos for UK residents:



I have exactly the same problem and have had for several months. It isn’t just BBC but also other stations such as Radio Paradise. 

Perhaps see this link below, there have been some Alexa issues recently that are still currently under investigation:

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I am also having the same issues, I have changed the skill so that im now signed in to the BBC, it works fine if you use the PC or mobile app, ask Alexa, she responds correctly regarding BBC Sounds then the ‘bong’ and nothing, I also asked her to play something from Spotify and she replied that the device wasn't online???? She wont even pause something already playing…


UPDATE. following a suggestion I disabled the Sonos Skill in the Alexa app and reconnected, all is back to normal, hope this helps.

I use my Sonos One to play Sleep Sounds. It stopped working about 2 or 3 months ago. If I say “Alexa, play thunderstorm sounds”, It says “Ok”, and then NOTHING. It used to play the skill.  I actually Switched it over to a Google assistant for a month and yesterday went back to Alexa to see if it was fixed, same thing. Interestingly, if I say, Alexa, play Sleep sounds, I get the jingle and it reads through the list of the sounds but it won’t play any. Does Sonos EVEN know this is broken? Last I saw they said all was working. I will never buy another Sonos product. This has got to be at least three months of this. My Bose speaker with Alexa is fine. It does the same thing if you ask it to play a song, and yes, I have a Prime membership.