Alexa not functioning with S2 app

  • 21 February 2021
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Alexa doesnt function with S2 app. I see the previous conversation was closed by sonos. easy to close a conversation if you dont have an answer. totally hopeless service. NO forethought as to what mugh happen with S2

1 reply

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Alexa is a cloud based system and as a result the S2 App has no relevance to voice control. What hopeless service are you referring to specifically?

You don’t say exactly what your issue is, perhaps you could start there? You also don’t say what Sonos devices you have, that would would also help...:nerd:

In the meantime:

1/ If you have a Sonos Alexa Enabled device, can you touch the Mic symbol and ensure that the small round white light is On, otherwise the Mic is turned off;

2/ I assume that you have the Sonos skill enabled, can you Disable and then Enable it? 

3/ Can you open the Sonos App>Settings>Voice & Services>Alexa and ensure that your device is shown as Enabled.